We ARE Community

We ARE Community – We ARE Inclusive – We ARE Progressive.

We should not be divided by trying to find racism where none exists, but instead come together as a community to create a better future for all.

We are in the midst of a debate centered on the name of the school district. In 1864 pioneer James Miller founded the Dixie Public School District. Today, 154 years later, the name has become a focus of political controversy. The dissension is not new and several prior efforts to change the name of the Dixie School District have been met with defeat.

Over the years a number of theories about the district’s name have been proposed, with advocates of the name change suggesting that the name Dixie is a direct reference to the Confederacy. Another story brought up years ago is that Dixie was a tribute to Mary Dixie, a Native American woman who James Miller met on his travels. The true motivation for the name has been lost in the annals of time and can only be the subject of conjecture.

As supporters of the Dixie School District, we fully understand that there is pain and suffering in this world and that words have meaning. However, we also stand firm that Racism, Negativity and Exclusion have no place in the Dixie School District.

Our Dixie represents generations of community and families, who believe in

Tolerance, Inclusion and Equality.

Leaders of the name-change effort include activists from outside of our district and one Dixie School Board trustee. Many community members are now responding with a counter measure.

We recognize that the name Dixie has different meanings for different community members. To some it might only reflect a deplorable period in American history. For many, however, it has come to symbolize a proud Marin tradition of generosity, pride, tolerance, inclusion and an independent, progressive spirit. Keeping the name of the Dixie School District preserves the history of our small neighborhood.

Many community members are also concerned about the unnecessary economic burden a name change will place on the district’s budget. As are many schools, the Dixie School District is currently financially strapped and should use it’s resources for the education of our students, not the rebranding of its name.


We are Community – We are Inclusive – We are Progressive.

We are Equals – We are Proud – We are Families – We are Together

We ARE Dixie


Please stand with us and sign the petition in support of our children, students of the Dixie School District.

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