STOP Political Activists and outside special interest groups from dividing our community.

This is OUR Dixie, and it reflects generations of community and families, who believe in tolerance, inclusion and equality.

Let’s not be divisive by trying to find racism where none exists, but instead come together as a community to create a better future for all.

In response to the recent movement by political activists who are spearheading the drive to change the name of Dixie School District, a rapidly growing number of community members feel strongly that we must respond to ensure the community understands both sides of the issue.

We recognize that the name Dixie has different meanings for different community members. To some it might only reflect a deplorable period in American history. For many of us, however, it has come to symbolize a proud Dixie tradition of generosity, pride, tolerance, inclusion and an independent, progressive spirit. Keeping the name Dixie School District maintains the history of our small neighborhood and does not allow it to be hijacked by political agenda.

Many Dixie residents are concerned about the unnecessary economic burden a name change will place on the budget of an already financially strapped school district. Scarce money, time and resources, that should be used for the education of our students, have already been wasted on this issue.


We are Community – We are Inclusive – We are Progressive.

We are Equals – We are Proud – We are Families – We are Together

We ARE Dixie


Take a stand and sign the petition in support of our children, the Dixie School District students.

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