We Demand Transparency

We Are Dixie submitted this letter to Superintendent Jason Yamashiro and Marnie Glickman Curtis asking for the legal fees that the district has incurred thus far due to the letter Ms. Glickman Curtis had her attorney threatening possible litigation of the school board regarding a possible Brown Act Violation. We believe many hours and district money has been spent  because of Marnie and her special interest group in their quest change the name of the district without listening to her constituents. She asked for transparency with e-mails from other board members in that letter so we also asked the same of her. We would like to know just what her communications have been with the district, if she practices what she preaches, and what the district has spent to date on the name change proposition and Marnie’s threatening legal letter. We will let the public know and release the information when we have it. Below is the letter we sent to Marnie and Dr. Yamashiro yesterday:

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