Board Candidates Positions

It is important to investigate all of the candidates and to make sure their views align with yours so we are asking that you take the time to read each of the candidates’ statements regarding the name change issue.

WeAreDixie Supporters feel it is critically important that any board member is fully committed to represent the voice of the Dixie School District COMMUNITY at large and will not be unduly influenced by a small group of vocal activists that do not represent the true voice of our proud and inclusive community.  This commitment to constituents within the Dixie School District Community is critically important since the Change the Name advocates are very likely to distract the Board from focusing on our kids and community by presenting them with a myriad of petitions in 2019 and beyond which will feature different proposed names despite our belief that there is a significant lack of community interest and support in changing the name of our progressive and inclusive school district.

Dixie School District Board Candidate Statements

Upon community requests, we have contacted all Board Candidates for their stance on the name change. These were their responses:

Mike Moaveni

Brooks Coulson Nguyen

Megan Roberts Hutchinson

Brad Honsberger


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