Financial Impact

Can you Spare $150,000+?
Our District is already operating on a shoestring budget and simply cannot afford this unnecessary name change.

The group that wants to change the name of our District and local school has estimated the cost to be $30,000 which, based on the ACTUAL costs of other similar name change initiatives and our research, is grossly underestimated.

In 2018 Palo Alto renamed two schools and it cost them MORE THAN $200,000, which was $150,000 OVER the original estimate of $50,000. Below is the budget from Palo Alto:

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 5.34.25 PM

From our research of other schools and districts that have undergone a name change it has been anywhere from $77,000 (for just one school not a district too) up to $500,000.

Please keep in mind that not only will the Dixie School District be expected to change its name but also Dixie Elementary School will need to change as well. The costs to do this will be astronomical and will far exceed any low projections provided by change the name advocates. We cannot afford to spend even one penny on this name change, especially when no one can agree on how our district got its name and the only “proof” the opposition has is hearsay from a granddaughter of James Miller.

Consider the Implications

The legacy of a man who cared about his community tremendously will be erased, as will the past 150 years of our community efforts to build the Dixie name into one that is synonymous with academic excellence.

Our School District will need to undergo some very expensive changes, some of which include:

• Legal fees to register the names and to process the paperwork for the change for both the district and school

• Re-painting school buses with the new district name

• Creating all new signage for district offices and schools

• Purchasing new PE equipment, pylons, and any other items at Dixie school and district offices that have the name written on them

• New e-mail addresses for all teachers and staff

• New letterhead, calendars, and misc. office and communication supplies

• Reconfigured websites for the district and Dixie school

• New logos

• Paying Dixie administrators for the many hours required to erase all traces of the old school district name

• Rebranding social media

Our Elementary School will need to erase the history of every class that graduated from Dixie School and take down the banners that each graduating class gives to the next. ALL the library books will need to be recovered. Signs, including those on playground structures, at the entrance of the school and both inside and outside of the gymnasium, will need to be replaced. A new school song will need to be created. PE equipment, sport uniforms, and other items labeled with the name Dixie will have to be replaced. All traces of Dixie School will be erased.

Our Community will be impacted by these changes as well. Local businesses that have traditionally supported Dixie School will need to change advertising and the community will need to adjust to a new name. The James Miller family, which was instrumental in building our local educational system, will be robbed of the legacy that has lived on in our community for 150 years – all because of semantics.

Soft costs are concerning as well. What is the real price the district will pay? If enough parents and members of the general public do not support the name change, future support from businesses and the CanDo! program may suffer. If the district is viewed as being so flush that it can squander educational funds on a political controversy created by local politicians and activists, donors may turn elsewhere and make charitable donations in support of causes that will not spend their funds frivolously. Pandering to the pressures that are being brought to bear by the agendas of the “name change” politicians and activists may have a price to pay that is too great to absorb. This is the GREAT UNKNOWN.


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