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Leaders of The Change The Name movement include Dixie Board Member Marnie Glickman Curtis (a self-proclaimed activist), her husband David Curtis, 3 outside political figures including Noah Griffin of Tiburon, Kerry Pierson of Mill Valley, Tamela Fish who lives outside of the Dixie School District and Bruce Anderson who is a San Rafael Dixie School District Resident. They have shown that their goal is to divide a community and they do not care who gets hurt in the aftermath of their fury to change the name of our school district.

We encourage you to meet your Dixie School District neighbors, discuss this issue and form your own opinions.

Please read on and then decide for yourself if these key individuals aggressively driving the “change the name” effort within our proud and inclusive community represent YOUR VOICE.  If not, be sure to SIGN THE PETITION to retain our good name and allow the school board to get back to focusing on our KIDS.

The CTN group has labeled our school district as a confederate outpost. They continue to hurt and label our community:

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David Curtis, the husband of Board Member Marnie Glickman Curtis, boasts on social media about taking down signs put up by those who want to preserve the school district’s name. In the meanwhile leaving many other political signs in their place next to where the Keep Dixie Dixie signs were. We also have a voice mail that he left for a local resident admitting he took down the signs and asking where to return them.

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Board Member Marnie Glickman Curtis recently enlisted the help of an attorney from Ross, California to go after the school district she was elected to serve.

The letter references the possibility of litigation which would undoubtedly create a significant expense and further distract the board and our community from focusing on the kids within the Dixie School District.

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Tamela Fish, who is not  a Dixie School District Resident but has previously worked with Board Member Marnie Glickman Curtis on other political causes and is very active lobbying for the name change, makes a post on social media that “It seems hate crime is acceptable to some to “Keep Dixie”.

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This comment was in response to a sign that a Dixie School District resident brought to the meeting in support of keeping the name. One of the speakers for the name change stated that “the signs were like burning crosses on the side of the road” during his speech.  Tamela’s post also references seeing people “yell and scream at an African American man” during the board meeting however the meeting room was full (including a reporter from a local newspaper) and it seems only David Curtis (see below) and Tamela recall this occurring as she described.

LOVE THY NEIGHBOR… (or maybe not)?

David Curtis, husband of Board Member Marnie Glickman Curtis, claims through changing the school district name he supports equity, inclusion and tolerance. We believe actions and words are important and we’ll let you read some of his own words to decide if this sounds like someone who embraces those values and is looking out for the greater good of our local community.

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Vandals painted over part of the Dixie School sign on Friday, Sept. 14, 2018. The sign was restored Monday morning. (

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David Curtis, husband of board member Marnie Glickman Curtis, shares his wisdom on the name “Dixie” days after hearing a MIWOK Indian (Marge Grow-Eppard) from the Dixie family present at the Dixie School District Board Meeting on November 13, 2018. He does not seem to be aware that Marin and Novato are named after Miwok people with baptized names or that the Miwok Dixie Family had their last name (as per the census) over 30 years before the confederacy.



The Change The Name Group sent out an e-mail written by one of their leaders, Tiburon Resident Noah Griffin, telling their supporters that this fight is ripe for a documentary and they are “saving Marin from itself”. In our opinion this shows the true reason for their attempt to change the name which is all about politics and notoriety.

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In December 2018 the Change The Name group posted a video on Twitter featuring another of their leaders, Mill Valley resident Kerry Pierson, which makes false accusations that if Realtors want to keep the name of the Dixie School District then they are trying to segregate the neighborhood and keeping the area white is good for the Realtor’s pocket books. They came out with a flat out lie to help support their position to change the name and to smear the real estate community possibly not realizing that there are 2 districts in San Rafael so Realtors need to differentiate the names of the districts in marketing to be sure home buyers know which of the 2 districts the home is in.



The Change The Name group continues to show that seeking the national spotlight for the purpose of personal notoriety or fame is more important than doing any real good for the community they are attacking. By bringing the national press and online news celebrities into the mix, they risk creating even more turmoil and divisiveness into our district and close knit community. Their goal seems to be “National Notoriety” over unity and listening.



The CTN group keeps threatening and “warning” our community what will happen if this issue goes national and gets national press. They threaten that the KKK and riots will come and confederate flags will start hanging in neighborhoods. What we don’t understand is if they are truly concerned about our community and the issue going national and welcoming these undesired elements then WHY would they be the ones going to the national press? We Are Dixie has not reached out to the press and has not opened the door to outsiders coming into our community.


…….But yet the CTN group continues to invite and encourage outsiders to descend on our small community and go to the new media. To date the We Are Dixie group has not reached out to any press. Our community comes first not our political ambitions. We have to ask, why would people that care about our community invite people to our school board meeting that do not live here?

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The husband of the sitting Dixie School District Board member Marnie Glickman Curtis is calling local parents and neighbors that oppose the name a hate group and white supremacists on social media.

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The Change The Name group has erroneously stated that 78% of funding for the school district comes from state and federal funds and not local. This is incorrect and we have given them the correct information so we can only assume they are still spreading this false information since it does not support their narrative in getting people outside of our school district involved in their mission. Below shows that 92% of funding is local.

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We’ve worked hard to make Dixie a proud and inclusive community and we are confident that local residents feel the same way. If you are FED UP with the divisive actions and behavior of those involved PLEASE:


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